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Custom Designed Drumsticks

Custom Designed Drumsticks

Custom Graphic drumsticks with your image, logo and personalized text.

Need help with your design? Watch this short video.

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  • Buy 2 pairs for $22.99 each and save 24%
  • Buy 6 pairs for $14.99 each and save 51%
  • Buy 12 pairs for $10.75 each and save 65%
  • Buy 25 pairs for $7.50 each and save 75%
  • Buy 50 pairs for $6.50 each and save 79%
  • Buy 100 pairs for $6.25 each and save 80%
  • Buy 250 pairs for $5.90 each and save 81%
  • Buy 500 pairs for $5.75 each and save 81%
  • Buy 1000 pairs for $5.50 each and save 82%
  • Buy 2000 pairs for $5.25 each and save 83%


How it works

Select the quantity you want, then select the CUSTOMIZE button. On the next page you can use our free online design tool to upload or create your own custom drumstick design, or you can contact us here and we can create a design for you. Your choice!

To get started with your own custom drumstick design, you may want to use our starter template, located here.

Art Requirements

  • Use the highest res JPEG image you can.
  • The maximum file size you can upload is 3MB.
  • Art dimensions are 12.5” x 1.93”.
  • White does not print. If white is used in your art, it will show up as clear, resulting in the wood grain showing through. This is a cool effect that we use with several clients.
  • If you want to have the art fade in from the tip, (which is recommended) remember to have the art fade from 100% clear on the left side of the art to 100% full. Otherwise, there will be a line where the art begins. We usually take about 1 inch to achieve this effect.
  • We are not limited to the amount of colors that can be printed. We can print almost anything.
  • Please keep in mind we cannot print items or names that are protected by a trademark such as Elvis Presley, Areosmith, etc… Also, we can't print any profanity or anything deemed socially irresponsible by Custom Stix™

Watch this short video below to see our sticks up close.: