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    Want your own custom designed drumsticks?

    Create Your Own Customized Drumsticks Now

    personalized drumsticks

    2 options:  We can design your art or you can design it using the template below. Click here for our download template.  Here is a sample file of a client's design. Here are the details for getting your custom drumsticks for you, your band, school or organization.

    • No set up fee, EVER!
    • No art fee if you submit your own art. If we design your stick, there is a $30.00 art fee on all orders under 100 pairs. There is no art fee for orders above 100 pairs.
    • Our turnaround is fast, even for large quantities -usually less than 14 days on all orders in the U.S.
    • Our shipping is FREE in the U.S. via ground UPS on all orders over 11 pair.

    Our prices for different quantities:

    • Buy 2 for $22.99 each and save 24%
    • Buy 6 for $14.99 each and save 51%
    • Buy 12 for $10.75 each and save 65%
    • Buy 25 for $7.50 each and save 75%
    • Buy 50 for $6.50 each and save 79%
    • Buy 100 for $6.25 each and save 80%
    • Buy 250 for $5.90 each and save 81%
    • Buy 500 for $5.75 each and save 81%
    • Buy 1000 for $5.50 each and save 82%
    • Buy 2000 for $5.25 each and save 83%

    This pricing does not include the Mossy Oak© drumsticks

    Art requirements:

    • Minimum of 300 dpi (as high as 600 dpi) as a JPEG, PDF, or PSD.
    • Customstix recommends using a jpeg file to get the best quality image possible. Pdfs automatically convert to a lower resolution file.
    • The maximum file size that you can upload is 10mb.
    • Art should be sent flat, not in layers, in RGB. Dimensions are 12.5” x 1.93”.
    • White does not print. If white is used in your art, it will show up as clear, resulting in the wood grain showing through. This is a cool effect that we use with several clients.
    • If you want to have the art fade in from the tip, (which is recommended) remember to have the art fade from 100% clear on the left side of the art to 100% full. Otherwise, there will be a line where the art begins. We usually take about 2 inches to achieve this effect.
    • We are not limited to the amount of colors that can be printed. We can print almost anything.
    • Please keep in mind that we cannot print items or names that are protected by a trademark such as RockBand, Elvis Presley, Areosmith, etc… Also, we can't print any profanity or anything deemed socially irresponsible by Custom Stix™

    Create Your Own Customized Drumsticks Now