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  • Sticks for a Cure?

    Personalized DrumsticksWe are excited to introduce the Breast Cancer Awareness Personalized Drumsticks from Custom Stix™. I'm sure most of you know someone or have heard of someone who has suffered from this terrible disease. I have a friend who just found out she is cancer-free after a long battle with Breast Cancer. It is truly a sad diagnosis with a long struggle ahead. Cancer recently took the life of my father-in-law and has taken the lives of many friends and family member in the past. I'm sure there are many stories you could tell about how cancer has robbed your loved ones from a long and healthy life.

    We are excited to play a small roll in funding research to find a cure for Breast Cancer. For every order of our Breast Cancer Awareness Personalized Drumsticks placed, we will contribute 100% of the profits generated from that sale. Get some for a friend who has lost someone close to remind them of the great memories they shared, get some for someone who is a survivor as a reminder of how they beat this terrible disease, get some for someone currently battling the disease as an encouragement for the to "Beat" the disease, or get some for yourself just because they are cool, and they will help get us closer to finding a cure for Breast Cancer.

  • Do You Stand Out?

    If you want a drumstick that will help define your image behind the kit with more than just a plain wood grain drumstick, Custom Stix™ is the answer.  Notice the plain stick in the middle below.  To say it is boring would be an understatement.  This is what most other companies are offering.  They don't apologize for their limitations either.  They simply assume their clients don't want them because they don't get request from them for graphic drumsticks.  This is a common excuse used by companies all over.  However, it doesn't bring about change and forward thinking, only more of the same.  We try to offer what our clients want.  We as drummers have been playing the same boring drumsticks for hundreds of years since the first cave man made some from a tree.  I want to change that by offering drummers something different, something unique.

    personalized drumsticks

    I've had endorsement deals with both Vater and Promark and was never given the chance at a great price to develop my own image and brand of drumstick.  Well, now I can and I am offering that same opportunity to others.  Check out our Personalized Drumsticks and our Custom Drumsticks and let us set you up with some drumsticks that truly represent what you are all about.

  • What Stays in Vegas?

    Las Vegas Drumsticks

    Ever been to Vegas?  Ever Bought a souvenir there?  Well, Now's your chance to get this one-of-a-kind pair of custom drumsticks with killer graphics from Las Vegas!  You may have to leave your memories behind, but you will have these sticks to remind you of the good times.

    All with FREE shipping!


  • Stick of the Week for 8-10-2011

    33 Miles Custom DrumsticksThis week we feature the band 33 Miles.  This duo is a force of energy.  If you have seen them live then you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you haven't, well, what are you waiting for?  There aren't many bands who have both strengths.  Great vocals and great musicianship.  Usually one stands out above the other.  33 Miles is an exception.  They posses both strengths. 

    I have known Chris Lockwood, the guitar player and background singer in the group for several years.  We went to the same college in Mobile, AL and attended the same church for a while.  I have only known Jason Barton, the lead singer for a few years, but have realized he is quite the singer and makes it seem easy from the stage. 

    I really dig their design.  It features each of them on their own stick sold as a pair.  I often joke about selling them as singles to see which one is more popular! 

    Check their site for upcoming shows to see where they are coming soon.  If you get a change to see them in person, don't pass it up!

    For more "Sticks of the Week" click here.

  • Finally, the "How To" for this famous groove

    Finally, the groove Jeff Porcaro made famous with the band Toto, is explained by Custom Stix™ artist Jeff Jones. Having played drums for over 25 years and having taught lessons for over 20 years, Jeff understands the complexity of this groove and how to simplify it for easy understanding. This video was shot while Jeff was in Canada on tour with his band Big Daddy Weave. He is sitting in on this great DW kit belonging to Michael Anderson of Building 429. Enjoy!


    Notice, Jeff's personalized drumsticks are the Crosses Black on Transparent design.


  • A View From Behind The Drums

    Ever wonder what it's like to sit behind a drumset playing in front of thousands of people.  Well, Jeff Jones from the band Big Daddy Weave gives us a glimpse.   Listen to the anouncer's huge voice as he introduces the band.  Jeff starts the click track and then brings the band in.  This is their song, "You Found Me". 

    Notice the drumsticks?  Jeff''s rockin' out with his signature sticks from Custom Stix™.


  • Custom Stix Newest Endorsed Artist

    Welcome Rick Ball, currently on tour with TRUTH's 40th Reunion Tour.  Below is a picture of his new Tama Acrylic drumset.  It's a monster.  I took this picture during a recent rehearsal. 

    TRUTH 40th Reunion TourRick has a very diverse drumming history, having played all over the world with TRUTH, as well as several other groups.  There is one thing you can say without question about Rick Ball, "He likes a lot of drums".  After hearing Rick play again recently, I was reminded of how having a lot of drums does not always mean busy.  Rick has a unique way of playing for the song without playing too much.  He definitely has a purpose for each drum on his kit. 

    I was the proud owner of another one of Rick's kits from the early 90's before passing it on to a friend.  I was honored to play a drumset that had been in every state of the US and was honored to play it for almost 10 years.

    Rick recently asked me to make a personalized drumstick for him to play on his upcoming tour.  I gladly did and I think they turned out great! 

    custom stix

    I am thankful to have Rick as a Custom Stix™  artist.  If you get to see TRUTH in concert in the upcoming future, please make a point to talk with Rick afterwards and check out his drums and personalized drumsticks.  They are pretty cool!


    You can "Like" them on Facebook here.

  • Custom Stix T-Shirts are here!

    T-shirtThe offical Custom Stix™ T-Shirts are here.  Anyone who knows me has seen them, because I have 5 in my size.  Well, after months of anticipation, I finally have them for sell.  They are solid black with white writing.  They feature the offical Custom Stix™ logo.  You will be supporting a one-of-a-kind company that has the world's best personalized drumsticks and custom drumsticks.

    *****We have them available in S-XXL.  All orders come with FREE shipping in the US (for international shipping please email me for details)


  • Stick of the Week for 7-18-2011

    Lulu's custom drumsticksDid you know Jimmy Buffett has a sister?  Well, he does and her name is Lucy Buffett.  She is quite the celebrity herself.  You can read her story here.  If you have ever been to the beautiful gulf coast or visited Gulf Shores, Alabama, you may have heard of the legendary Lulu's at Homeport.  My wife first introduced me to Lulu's a few years ago and I have thanked her ever since.

    Lulu's at Homeport first opened it's doors at it's current location in 2004 and today is known for much more than a great seafood place, but a family destination.  My two daughters look forward to going to Lulu's and talk about it the whole way there.

    After visiting their gift shop and knowing they have live music daily, I felt it only fitting for them to have a Lulu's custom drumstick.  I have been honored to have Lulu's on board this year and am glad to be a part of their gulf coast get-a-way.

    Check out Lulu's website here or visit in person if you are ever on the gulf coast.  Great food, great atmosphere and great entertainment.  You will not be sorry!

  • Stick of the Week for 7-14-2011

    Custom graphic drumsticksI have known of this band for over 20 years.  My first experience was hearing their song, "Stand Up For Jesus" around 1990.  They have been around for a long time and are still rockin'.  They continually reinvent themselves to stay relevant in current trends of the music scene.  There is no doubt if you go to a Newsboys concert, you will be entertained, that is for sure.  They push the limits of what can be done in a concert setting.  I am encouraged to bring my playing up to the next level when I think of how serious they are about being professional and taking seriously what they do each night as musicians.

    You can check them out here.  If they come to a city near you, go, you will not be sorry.

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