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  • Personalized Drumsticks for Halloween

    Every year as October 31st rolls around, you have another great reason to give the drummer in your life a pair of personalized drumsticks from Custom Stix™. Where else can you get a gift that says I love you, you are special and Happy Halloween at the same time? No where, I promise.

    Custom drumstickscustom drumsticks

    Got a gig on Halloween night? Do your kids have a special band concert? Whatever the occasion, these sticks are the perfect way to celebrate a crazy holiday. We are adding them to the online store for a month only. Please, don't wait too long to place your order. These will be gone before too long. Starting in November, I am going to introduce a Thanksgiving personalized drumstick. I can't wait to see what that design looks like. I know it will be great. Please keep checking back or subscribe to our blog for instant updates on what's going on with Custom Stix™.

    To get your very own Halloween drumsticks, click here.

  • Stick of the Week for 8/30/12

    "casting crowns drumsticks"

    I have had the pleasure of working with Casting Crowns as a client now for several years. They asked me recently if I could do something really special for them that had never been done for any other band. That was a pretty tall order but we were able to rise to the occasion. As you can see in the pictures, we were able to do our full color graphic printing as well as a silver hot stamp foil. This really makes the stick standout unlike any we have ever done. This is featured on our 5B maple nylon tip sticks. We are able to offer this to anyone out there who wants something extra special that will really pop. There is an additional fee for the hot stamp and a small "per stick" fee due to the extra steps involved in the manufacturing process, but as you can see it is worth it. WOW! What a cool drumstick! Contact us if we can do this for you.

    Check them out on their fall tour and get a pair for yourself.

    Casting Crowns drumsticks(this highlights the full graphic with sticks rotated)

  • Presidential Drumsticks are here!

    Obama Custom Drumsticks

    Here are the new Presidential Custom Drumsticks commemorating the office of the presidency.  Here is your chance to get your very own pair of Barack Obama Custom Drumsticks.  These are done with the White House official photo over an American Flag design.  These are professional quality drumsticks you can either display or play with, either way, they are made to last.

    • These sticks are 5B nylon tip maple
    • There is a quantity discount for larger orders


    Click the "Buy Now" button below to get your very own sticks.  $19.99 with FREE shipping in the US.


  • What About the Misprints?

    Personalized drumsticksMisprints?  What is a misprint?  When you are in the custom drumstick business, you have "misprints" from time to time.  Currently I have about 50 pair of misprints setting around my office.  I need to clean out and make room for new sticks and new graphics I will be rolling out in the near future.

    This is where you come in.  For a limited time, I am selling misprints in groups of 12 pair, or a brick as many refer to them for a great price of $72 with free shipping in the U.S.  Wow!  That is a great deal for first run great quality sticks.  The only thing different is they will be random graphics with someone else's name or slogan on them.  It's a grab bag of drumsticks.

    All sticks will be 5B wood tip hickory and they will come as pairs.  They are brand new, never been played and were not shipped to the original customer due to a mispelling, wrong word or some other printing issue that was not caught at the time of printing.

    You can place an order by selecting the Buy Now button below.  The sticks will ship out in about a week and will arrive via the U.S. Postal Service.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Custom Drumsticks in Time for School

    Custom drumsticksWhat better way to welcome your band director, drum student or other musician back to school band for the 2012-2013 school year. We are constantly adding new designs and graphics to the Personalized Drumsticks page. We currently have 40 graphics to choose from and personalize. Want something more "special"? We can create a fully custom drumstick based on your exact details including fonts, logos and photos. Whatever you have in mind we can do it.

    Looking for an excuse to give some sticks to your rising star? Here are just a few:

    • They won't have to ask again, "Are those my drumsticks."
    • They won't have to say, "I sure wish I had some drumsticks that stood out in the crowd"
    • They definitely won't have to say, "Man, I sure wish I could have my own signature line of drumsticks" because that will have just been taken care of.

    Now that you have a great reason, click here on the personalized drumstick section of our website and find the perfect graphic and personalize away.


  • Stick of the Week for 4/1/12

    311 drumsticksNo!  This is not an April Fool's joke!  I am excited to welcome aboard the hugely popular band 311.  I recently heard about them having a huge Fan Day Celebration in Las Vegas.  Well, turns out I was going to be in Vegas that same day with my band Big Daddy Weave for a show at a church exactly 1 mile from the strip.  How convenient.

    I started out the day around 8:45 am with a walk to the world famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop where the show Pawn Stars is filmed.  I made a few sample Custom Drumsticks for them to try out in their merchandise shop.  I hope to get a call back soon!  I then headed over to the Hard Rock where 311 was having a pre-party for the big event the following day.  I couldn't stay much longer due to my show that evening so I left the sticks with the merchandise manager at the Hard Rock with hopes of him showing the sticks to the right people.  Well, that is exactly what happened.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to make these amazing drumsticks and know that the fans of 311 will  soon love them.

    If you are a fan of 311 and get to make it out to a show, stop by the table and pick up a pair of 311 Custom Drumsticks.  I know you will love them as well!  If you want to order them online, you can do that by clicking here and visiting their online store.

  • This Says it All

    Here is the latest review from our sticks at www.CustomStix.com

    I don't know if there is much I can add to this.  This says it all.


    "I was in need of drumsticks that would promote my band and the new album. I began an internet search and found Customstix.com  The website was very easy to use. I called the business owner,(Jeff) and he worked with me over the phone. The next day I had graphics in my email to sign off on. I needed a correction. It was corrected and sent later that day!! I loved the graphics and signed off on them. I received the drum sticks 3 business days later, they were exactly what I wanted as discussed over the phone. My band mates immediately told me that we needed to add a few pair to the merch table because they were incredible looking.

    The very next band rehearsal lasted 4 hours. I played the sticks the entire time. After the first hour, you couldn't tell the sticks were played.  I used them on some very uptempo songs on my hi-hat and ride and there were very few markings. At the end of the evening they were STILL in mint condition. Thats 4 hours of bashing these sticks on Sabian cymbals with very little wear. The tip of the stick brought out the bell of the ride and articulated my 8th note pattern, cutting through the electric guitar. These sticks are of the finest quality. I have played the Pro mark White Oak, Regal Tip, and Vic Firth. These are MY sticks as far as I'm concerned.

    Price; I am able to represent my band and album, look and sound professional all for the cost of a drumstick that would have someone elses name and album or tour on them. Musicians Friend who??? Not anymore, Customstix.com from now on.

    Jeff, Thanks for the awesome sticks, your awesome ministry and a great way to get my songs of praise out there and in style while I'm doing it!!"

    -Michael Tiesing

    Three Days Redemption


  • Welcome Aboard Nintendo!

    Wow!  I was blown away to get the phone call from an exec. at Nintendo in Seattle at Nintendo of North America asking for a custom drumstick for the launch of their new game Rhythm Heaven Fever!  What an honor to be associated with such a huge household name like Nintendo.  Having never worked this closely with a global company of their size I was unaware of the red tape, but it was well worth it in the end.  We proved once again why it is so much better to go with a product made in the US when the potential of children using itis likely.  We are thankful to have a product that is safe for everyone to use without having to give thought to lead and other potential hazards with manufacturing on a large scale.

    Let us know if you make it to the Nintendo store in New York City and get a pair of their new drumsticks.  I know you will be blown away with the design!

  • Custom Stix in Action!

    This is a video from Jeff Jones, Custom Stix™ endorsed artist playing with his personalized drumsticks. He plays for the band Big Daddy Weave. Here are a few thing Jeff had to say about his Custom Stix™.
    “I had endorsement deals with several major brands before playing Custom Stix™ and I can honestly say I prefer these sticks over any brand I have ever played. I have been playing drums for over 25 years and have played every brand known to man and have gone through hundreds of sticks. These sticks feel great and last a very long time! I haven’t found a better stick anywhere. Period!”


    To order your very own Personalized Drumsticks like Jeff, click here.

  • Where Are My Sticks?

    Have you ever asked yourself that question?  Well, if you have been playing drums very long your answer will surely be yes.  I have found myself in many different situations where my drumsticks were among a lot of other drumsticks.  When I was taking band in school I was constantly having to defend my reasons to others as to why I knew that "Those" drumsticks were mine.  Even though there were no initials or names to separate mine from the others, I still knew they were mine.  I would have given anything to have had personalized drumsticks from Custom Stix™ to help solve this problem. 

    If you know a middle school band student or anyone who is among other drummers on a regular basis, surprise them with our two pair special for Christmas.  We offer personalized drumsticks with the graphic and text of their choice all with free shipping for only $29.99!  Check out the photos here to see what the finished product looks like.  If a drummer sets our sticks down in a room full of drummers, they will never have to ask the question again, "Where are my sticks?"

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