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  • Remember the band Petra? Stick of the week 5-17-2011

    Custom drumstick for Petra

    I grew up on their music.  I dreamed of going to a Petra concert, getting an emergency alert from stage that the drummer had sprain his wrist and needed a fill in.  I would then take over as the new drummer and the rest is history.  Well, that didn’t happen, thankfully.  However, I did have the pleasure several years later to play at a festival with these guys and later play at a conference where their lead singer spoke.  I was blown away by how small the Christian Music Industry is. 

    I was equally honored when I got the call to make a custom drumstick for them.  They are doing a reunion tour from 2010 to 2012.  Hopefully you can catch them out on the road sometime soon.  I know I will!

    Check them out here.

  • Custom Drumstick of the week for 4-28-11


    Personalized custom drumsticks for MercyMe

    I first met these guys at a show in Greenville, AL right before their song, “I Can Only Imagine” hit big at radio. Our band was honored to get to open for them. They were very gracious to us and allowed us to use their gear. I had never used in-ear monitors before that day. Robby, their drummer was kind enough to let me share his kit as well. A lot has happened since that day and they have gone on to sell millions of records. I am grateful to have partnered with them and wish them the best as they continue to travel the globe spreading the good news.

    You can check them out here.

  • Why Play Custom Stix?

    It amazes me with how many types of drumsticks there are on the market.  I have played most of them and have one thing to say about 95% of them:  Boring!  I can play any drumstick in the world, but I choose to play Custom Stix™.  Why?  They are anything but boring.  I am constantly getting asked what kind of sticks are those, and where did you get those, and I am always being asked by fans, “Can I have your sticks?”  I love the fact I can hand them a pair of sticks that are different than any other sticks they have at home.  My sticks are different!  They represent me.  Custom Stix™ are an extension of who I am as a person as well as who I am as a drummer. 

    If you haven’t already checked them out, give them a try, you will love them and your fans will too!

    Compare the difference:


    custom drumsticks


    personalized custom drumsticks

    Is there really any comparison?

    Get your very own personalized Custom Stix™  here.

  • How Do We Ship at Custom Stix

    Here is a short video clip of how I get our custom drumsticks out the door. I had to develop this fast system over a period of a year. Anytime you do something long enough, you develop better ways of doing it. Being a problem solver is one of the most important attributes when being a business owner. I am constantly finding ways to improve the business. Here is a short example of how to organize and maximize your efforts.

    Are you a small business owner? Do you have any secrets you'd like to share. Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear it.

    For more small business tips, you can click here for more tips from my friend Dan Miller.

  • Stick of the Week-Stryper

    I've been a huge fan of these guys since I was in the 8th grade.  They were my introduction to Contemporary Christian Music.  "Honestly" and "To Hell with the Devil" were my favorites from the album by that name.  After starting Custom Stix I set a goal to have these guys as a client.  When that day arrived I felt like I could leave this earth having accomplished a big thing.  These guys were the biggest band I could dream of working with and to this day I am honored to provide them the highest quality custom graphic drumsticks in the world.

    Personalized Custom Drumsticks for Stryper

    Here is a video of them on their tour playing live in Chicago. They are still great!
    Chech them out here. You might still be able to catch them live. Stop by the merch table and pick up a pair!

  • Behind the scenes at Custom Stix

    Here is a look at what happens when things get busy around here.
    We have to have a huge space to keep everything in order. I am blown away with how much the company has grown over the last year. This has been a lot of fun and I hope things continue to grow as customers keep coming back for the coolest sticks around! Check out the method to our madness!

    Thanks for stopping by Custom Stix!


  • Why Custom Drumsticks?

    Custom Drumsticks Personalized drumsticks custom Stix custom drum sticks personalized drum sticks

    Now That is a lot of drumsticks

    Why do I have a company that creates personalized custom drumsticks? The answer is simple: It's natural. So many people want to find a job or career that will make a lot money with no thought of passion, fulfillment, enjoyment or peace. I have played drums for over 25 years and I have been involved with studying business for almost 10 years. It was a very natural process for two of my passions to come together as one and form a company.
    I never set out to develop the company, I only set out to do something I enjoyed. I remember being just as excited about getting my first clients drumsticks in the mail as I was about getting my first check. In fact, the check was almost secondary to the feeling I had when the sticks arrived. As time went on and I begin to pick up new clients, I remember thinking, "This might turn into something".

    What do you do that you love? Find out what THAT is and THEN the other things will follow. Don't make the mistake of putting money first and forsaking the passion, fulfillment and enjoyment. Should all jobs be fun, no, not ALL the time. However, each person is different and everyone has a unique passion.

    I believe you can truly have enjoyment in your career if you will take a long hard look at what you really enjoy. Is there a way to develop it into more than a hobby? Can it be a passion that is shared with the masses? Don't tell yourself that you won't be successful. Over time, I have found that success will follow passion.

    The picture above shows my latest order from www.Customstix.com as I am preparing to put them in the mail and send them all over the world. If I didn't enjoy the process I would not enjoy sending out these sticks. I have learned more about shipping, packaging, online merchant services, etc... than I could have ever imagined. Is that fun for me? No, shipping details are not fun, but the whole process is fun. Everything works together to have an end result of getting custom personalized drumsticks in the hands of eager clients all over the world. So, do I enjoy shipping details based on that thought process, you bet I do!

    If you want to learn more about how to discover your passion, check out my buddy Dan Miller and his site at 48Days.com. You can learn more about yourself and find out what really "makes you tick" by taking a personality profile. You might be surprised at what you find.

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