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Personalized Drumsticks are the Perfect Gift for Drummers!

Christmas is right around the corner. When you need to find the perfect gift for drummers, Custom Stix is the only place to be.

personalized drumsticks from custom stix personalized drumsticks

Personalized drumsticks are the kind of gift that always leaves the receiver with a smile.

However, there is usually a big problem. We find most recipients don't want to actually play with their new custom drumsticks because they look so cool! If that is the case, then we have the ultimate solution to your dilemma. Just purchase 2 pairs! This way they can play with one set and save the other set for the mantle or bookshelf.

Personalized drumsticks are not the kind of gift a drummer tosses aside. Take it from someone who has played for over 30 years. Full-color graphic drumsticks with your name on them are really something special that they will treat with special care.

We have shipped more than 20,000 orders of personalized drumsticks around the world, so we know a thing or two about what drummers want.

Personalized drumsticks are a gift they will talk about for a very long time because in most cases, they will keep them in a safe place, so they will last through the years.

Go ahead this year, take the step to put a smile on the face of your closest drummer. You will be so glad you did...and so will they!




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