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Personalized Drumsticks Are Made For Stockings!

custom drumsticks

Personalized Drumsticks will be the perfect stocking stuffer this year for your drummer, musician, air-drummer or anyone else who wants only the best in custom drumsticks technology. This is the great gift for drummers on the planet.

We have a brand new website at Custom Stix and can't wait to hear from you all what you think. After listening to our customers, we have new designs, shipping options, and more personalized options that we ever thought would be possible. More than that, however, is the option to now upload your own art. Custom Drumsticks are now available with your own art without limitations that existed in the past.

In the past, signature drumsticks, engraved drumsticks, and other promotional drumsticks were limited to a single line of text with one color ink. Now, that is not the case. We offer an unlimited amount of text with countless graphic options. That is what we have wanted from the beginning, but it was not possible until now.

Click the personalized drumsticks option or the custom drumsticks option to get started and create a one of a kind gift that will make this years stocking an experience they will never forget.


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