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After 5 Years it's Finally Here!

It all started around the table at a TGI Friday's in the late summer of 2009. My wife and I were out with another couple discussing our unknown futures and dreams. Jason, the other husband, knowing I sold custom drumsticks to bands like Casting Crowns, Mercy Me and others, asked me, "Why don't you have a website where people can create their own personalized drumsticks on the site?" That's where it all began.

custom stix Original sticks from 2009

He was a web developer for a large company in the Mobile, AL area and built websites on the side. We both knew it was a great collaboration just waiting to begin. I went home that evening and immediately purchased the domain www.Customstix.com for $10 and the journey of Custom Stix™ was on it's way.

With a 4 month timeframe, we launched the day before my birthday, December 16th, to a huge audience. During an hour long interview with my band Big Daddy Weave,  the guys from the Rick & Bubba Show were more than gracious to mention my website 3 times and help launch my new venture with a record day of orders nationwide.

big daddy weave tour bus Big Daddy Weave tour bus

I was excited to know the site was working, but I also had the dilemma of processing orders from the back of a tour bus. With the help of my brother John and a friend from the tour named Drew, we were able to get everything out on time and survive the massive Christmas rush.

Over the last few years of running this website, I have heard from over 7,500 customers as they have shared their desire for more options and more freedom on the site. So, after reaching out to my new friend and developer Rob Orr of     Foundry Web Works, we came up with a solution that would take us to the next level with the latest in personalization software and customer support.

Launching this new site is something I have dreamed of for a very long time. Part of the vision from the very beginning was to allow customers the ability to design their very own artwork. I wanted them to be able to upload it directly to the site while only having to order one pair of full-color custom drumsticks while still getting a great price. I am beyond excited to announce that day has arrived.

Custom Stix™ is proud to be the only stick company in the world that allows you to get one pair of custom graphic full-color personalized drumsticks with free shipping for less than $30.

bad drumsticks drumsticks from another company using a sticker
bad drumsticks2 drumsticks from another company using a sticker

As a business owner I am always looking at other companies to see what is available. Each time I see someone offering personalized drumsticks I place an order to see firsthand the quality of their work. Above are drumsticks from two different companies offering custom drumsticks online. I was shocked to find both were nothing more than a glorified sticker and not intended for actual use. I am thankful to say I have traveled to 49 states in the US and multiple other countries playing with Custom Stix™ and they have never let me down.

I can honestly say having played drums for over 30 years, having drumstick endorsements from two major companies, and having played for Big Daddy Weave from 1999-2013 that Custom Stix™ are the best sticks I've ever used.

Real-Flames-custom-drumsticks-1024x68 Our sticks today!


merch My last show with Big Daddy Weave (notice the Custom Stix for sale on the table)

Whether you are looking for a drummer gift for a friend, a pair to put on your shelf at home, a dozen pair to take on the road, 500 pair of promotional drumsticks for your company or 2000 pair to sell on your next big tour at the merch table, we can provide exactly what you are looking for in a fast professional manner.



Keep Drumming!





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