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New Custom Drumsticks in Time For Christmas!

Christmas is right around the corner at Custom Stix™ and we are excited to share some of our new designs. Below are just a few of the new custom drumsticks we have. Getting someone personalized drumsticks for Christmas is about as unique a gift as you can find for under $30 with FREE shipping in under two weeks. Click on the images below so you can see the amazing details on our sticks. To get your very own personalized drumsticks in time for Christmas click Here and you can select from over 40 designs and add your personal message. This is a gift they will never forget!

Black Spider-

personalized drumsticks

American Flag-

personalized drumsticks

Mossy Oak®-

personalized drumsticks

Pink Chevron-

personalized drumsticks

*If you are ordering these and shipping internationally, you need to allow for about a month for delivery. Click here for international details and see #9-10 and then visit the contact page and scroll to the bottom for more shipping details.

Keep Rockin'!

Jeff Jones

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