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Back to School Drumsticks

What could be more cool than walking into middle school band with your very own personalized drumsticks from Custom Stix™? I seriously can't think of anything better than that, except being dropped off at the front of the school in a brand new candy apple red Ferrari. Realistically, the sticks are more likely to happen.custom drumsticks

I would have given anything if this technology existed 29 years ago when I started. But, I had to do what everyone else did. I had to write my initials on the back end of my sticks so they would not get mistaken for the other drummer's sticks. No more! Those days are gone.

If you know of a middle schooler who would love to have personalized drumsticks, click here to get the details and pick a graphic that will make the other drummers jealous.

We still offer FREE shipping on all orders in the U.S. and have delivery in less than two weeks. Our price is still the same: 2 pair for $29.99. Custom Drumsticks with Attitude!

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