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Personalized Drumsticks In Time For Christmas!

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Like most people, you probably have a musician on your list. They are usually the hardest person to shop for.  That's why I started www.Customstix.com.  After a meeting with a friend that was a big Guitar Hero fan, we came up with a plan to make available to the world for the first time full-color graphic personalized drumsticks. I knew I had to make it happen. That's the short version of how Custom Stix™ began.

Over 200,000 drumsticks later, we are still the only company in the world that can do a 2 pair minimum, full color graphic personalized drumstick with free shipping for only $29.99. Below are a few of our most popular designs.

Below are a few testimonials of what others are saying about their Custom Stix™:

“I thought the graphics on the sticks were awesome.  They far exceeded my expectations.  Your toughest critic…my son Chris…thought they were incredible.  He thought the sticks themselves were going to be crappy.  He was amazed that they weren’t.   He loves them so much, he wants the Drumline to use them during the next Marching Band season”.


“I just received the drum sticks and they are SICK!!! I love them!  You did an awesome job.  Thank-you so much.  I appreciate all your help with this.  He’s going to love them for his birthday surprise!”



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