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Stick of the Week for 8/30/12

"casting crowns drumsticks"

I have had the pleasure of working with Casting Crowns as a client now for several years. They asked me recently if I could do something really special for them that had never been done for any other band. That was a pretty tall order but we were able to rise to the occasion. As you can see in the pictures, we were able to do our full color graphic printing as well as a silver hot stamp foil. This really makes the stick standout unlike any we have ever done. This is featured on our 5B maple nylon tip sticks. We are able to offer this to anyone out there who wants something extra special that will really pop. There is an additional fee for the hot stamp and a small "per stick" fee due to the extra steps involved in the manufacturing process, but as you can see it is worth it. WOW! What a cool drumstick! Contact us if we can do this for you.

Check them out on their fall tour and get a pair for yourself.

Casting Crowns drumsticks(this highlights the full graphic with sticks rotated)

4 thoughts on “Stick of the Week for 8/30/12”

  • Kelly Rentz

    We were at a Casting Crowns concert Friday night in Anchorage, AK!!! .......... We bought THREE pairs of these gorgeous sticks!! I teach music, and my 13-year old is a percussionist who collects drumsticks from all over the world. I had the idea for a Christmas present of custom drum sticks and found your site- what a nice surprise to see you made the Crown's beautiful sticks!

    • Jeff Jones

      That is great to hear! I knew when we made the sticks they would turn out great. Yes, please let us know if we can do anything for you in the personalized drumstick department for a gift. Christmas is a nut house around here, LOL.

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