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This Says it All

Here is the latest review from our sticks at www.CustomStix.com

I don't know if there is much I can add to this.  This says it all.


"I was in need of drumsticks that would promote my band and the new album. I began an internet search and found Customstix.com  The website was very easy to use. I called the business owner,(Jeff) and he worked with me over the phone. The next day I had graphics in my email to sign off on. I needed a correction. It was corrected and sent later that day!! I loved the graphics and signed off on them. I received the drum sticks 3 business days later, they were exactly what I wanted as discussed over the phone. My band mates immediately told me that we needed to add a few pair to the merch table because they were incredible looking.

The very next band rehearsal lasted 4 hours. I played the sticks the entire time. After the first hour, you couldn't tell the sticks were played.  I used them on some very uptempo songs on my hi-hat and ride and there were very few markings. At the end of the evening they were STILL in mint condition. Thats 4 hours of bashing these sticks on Sabian cymbals with very little wear. The tip of the stick brought out the bell of the ride and articulated my 8th note pattern, cutting through the electric guitar. These sticks are of the finest quality. I have played the Pro mark White Oak, Regal Tip, and Vic Firth. These are MY sticks as far as I'm concerned.

Price; I am able to represent my band and album, look and sound professional all for the cost of a drumstick that would have someone elses name and album or tour on them. Musicians Friend who??? Not anymore, Customstix.com from now on.

Jeff, Thanks for the awesome sticks, your awesome ministry and a great way to get my songs of praise out there and in style while I'm doing it!!"

-Michael Tiesing

Three Days Redemption


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