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Do You Stand Out?

If you want a drumstick that will help define your image behind the kit with more than just a plain wood grain drumstick, Custom Stix™ is the answer.  Notice the plain stick in the middle below.  To say it is boring would be an understatement.  This is what most other companies are offering.  They don't apologize for their limitations either.  They simply assume their clients don't want them because they don't get request from them for graphic drumsticks.  This is a common excuse used by companies all over.  However, it doesn't bring about change and forward thinking, only more of the same.  We try to offer what our clients want.  We as drummers have been playing the same boring drumsticks for hundreds of years since the first cave man made some from a tree.  I want to change that by offering drummers something different, something unique.

personalized drumsticks

I've had endorsement deals with both Vater and Promark and was never given the chance at a great price to develop my own image and brand of drumstick.  Well, now I can and I am offering that same opportunity to others.  Check out our Personalized Drumsticks and our Custom Drumsticks and let us set you up with some drumsticks that truly represent what you are all about.

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