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A View From Behind The Drums

Ever wonder what it's like to sit behind a drumset playing in front of thousands of people.  Well, Jeff Jones from the band Big Daddy Weave gives us a glimpse.   Listen to the anouncer's huge voice as he introduces the band.  Jeff starts the click track and then brings the band in.  This is their song, "You Found Me". 

Notice the drumsticks?  Jeff''s rockin' out with his signature sticks from Custom Stix™.


2 thoughts on “A View From Behind The Drums”

  • Happy Healthy Home
    Happy Healthy Home August 12, 2011 at 10:54 am

    Hi Jeff, nThis is quite the view-love it!nThanks for the fun comment left at Happy Healthy Home...my husband and son were quite impressed to have a pro drummer comment on my blog! We LOVE Big Daddy Weave and my husband has drummed along with you for years! Thanks for sharing your custom stix site...what an awesome idea! Bookmarking you for Christmas gifts... Thanks! nDrums= LOUD but they totally rock! Going to check the Big Daddy Weave touring schedule now, see if you will be anywhere close. n~Lindy

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