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Stick of the Week for 6-30-2011

Casting Crowns is a great group.  I met them for the first time when they played at a showcase we were playing at in Nashville, TN many years ago.  They instantly became an international sensation in the Contemporary Christian Music world.  They have had several Platinum records and numerous number one hits. 

Casting Crowns personalized drumstick

However, the thing that stands out most about them is their humility.  I got to know the different members backstage at several festivals we were playing together and I have always been impressed with their ability to stay focused on what they were called to do as Christians.  They have never been anything but nice and generous to me.  So when I got the call to make their sticks I was more than excited!  I love knowing I am involved in something that touches the hearts of millions around the world by making the best custom drumstick for them in the world.

Check them out here.

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