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Smiling Faces with Custom Stix!

Christmas has past, but here are a few customers who want to share what they think about their very own personalized drumsticks. I love getting messages like this. You can email me a photo of you with your custom drumsticks and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you. Message me at

I’m so thankful I get to do what I do everyday!


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custom drumsticks












custom drumsticks










custom drumsticks

Rockin’ out with Mick Fleetwood!

Custom Stix™ is excited to share our latest creation. Personalized Drumsticks for legendary drummer Mick Fleetwood to be featured at his restaurant in Hawaii, Fleetwood’s on Front Street. This is currently the only place where you can see these amazing signature drumsticks up close.

Custom Drumsticks are an obvious choice for such a recognizable name in the drumming world. We are excited that visitors to Mick’s place can now take home these incredible Custom printed drumsticks.

If you are planning on going to Hawaii anytime soon, stop by and check these out. You might get to meet the man himself, who knows!

custom drumsticksHave a restaurant, band, or organization looking for a unique way to spread your message? Visit this link and connect with us for a one-of-a-kind drumstick that will blow you away, and your fans too!

Rock on!




New Custom Drumsticks for a Great Band

Promotional drumsticksCustom drumsticks with attitude! Custom Stix™ allows you to create your own full color personalized drumsticks!

I am super excited to show you the latest custom drumsticks for the band Tenth Avenue North!

They sent us some really great artwork and we came up with this awesome layout. The band will be releasing a new record soon and we are honored to make these sticks with the new graphics.

If you have a chance to see them live, by all means go! They are a great band and the guys are the real deal!

Here is a link to their current model. I like it too!


Jeff-Owner and chief stick shipper

My Daughter’s Personalized Drumsticks

custom drumsticksCustom drumsticks with attitude! Custom Stix™ allows you to create your own full color personalized drumsticks!

Personalized Drumsticks are a serious topic around my house. You can imagine my girls are very knowledgeable about every detail in regard to custom drumsticks. They have grown up around it. They know daddy’s office is full of every type of drumstick under the sun.

So, when she asked for her very own, of course I was more than happy to make them. Here she is with her own sticks as we work on a few grooves.

Notice she is wearing her ear protection. That is a must.

If you would like to get some like this for your little one, click here to choose from over 45 designs. I know you will be blown away when they arrive.

Jeff- Owner

New Personalized drumsticks are here!

Our latest personalized drumsticks are really amazing. We have been working on a few new custom drumstick designs and they are finally here!

Check out the latest designs and have them personalized with your name or message. You will love them!

custom drumsticks

custom drumsticks

custom drumsticks

Click here to get yours.

Personalized drumsticks for a new movie!

Personalized drumsticks for Drumline 2! I got a call last week to create a custom drumstick that would be given as a gift to the cast, crew and others involved in the second installment of the movie Drumline.

We jumped right in and made it happen. Below is the end result. What do you think?

drumline drumsticks

I am sorry to say these sticks are not available for purchase, but we would love to see that happen soon. I will keep you posted as we work on making that a reality.

Stay tuned, and be sure and see the movie when it comes out!

Jeff Jones

Owner-Custom Stix

11 year old Thomas rockin’ his personalized drumsticks

Custom drumsticksThomas Lowrey, pictured here, is rockin’ out in the video below with his personalized drumsticks from Custom Stix. Wow! I am really blown away by what he is able to play at such a young age. More than that though, is the obvious passion he has for playing. You can tell he plays from his heart, not just from the mechanical aspect of drumming. This is a rare find in young people today. He really will go far in life. I know he has what it takes to do all he wants to accomplish on the drums.

He is using the American Flag custom drumsticks pictured here:

personalized drumsticks


Check out this awesome video of Thomas rockin’ out with double bass!

For more info about getting your own personalized drumsticks, click here for our special. Two pair for $29.99 with FREE shipping!

Personalized Drumsticks

Here is a shot of how I spent my morning today. I love getting to see the many different names on personalized drumsticks that are being sent around the world. It’s amazing how many different custom drumsticks there are, all represented by a unique attitude.

custom drumsticks

I am hoping to add a few new designs to the store before summer begins. We are working on the new website and hope to have details soon. I will keep you posted. Click here for the latest designs

Jeff Jones

owner-(the guy who does everything from taping packages to emails, to everything in between)

New Custom Drumsticks from Custom Stix™

The new Custom Drumsticks and Personalized Drumsticks from Custom Stix™ this month are some of the coolest designs we have ever had. Some of the sticks are for bands we have worked with in the past and just wanted a new design for the fall touring season, but some are for new clients. It continues to amaze me with what is possible in the printing world. If you are at one of these groups live shows, please stop by and check out the merch table.

Do you have a band or company that would like to have your very own Custom Drumstick? Let us know what you have in mind and we will do all we can to blow you away with our sticks.

Click here for details on how to order yours. We NEVER charge a set up fee and shipping is FREE.

The Newsboys:

promo drumsticks

Tenth Avenue North:

promo drumsticks

Jason Lovins Band:

promo drumsticks

Merge – South Coast Church:

promo drumsticks

New Custom Drumsticks in Time For Christmas!

Christmas is right around the corner at Custom Stix™ and we are excited to share some of our new designs. Below are just a few of the new custom drumsticks we have. Getting someone personalized drumsticks for Christmas is about as unique a gift as you can find for under $30 with FREE shipping in under two weeks. Click on the images below so you can see the amazing details on our sticks. To get your very own personalized drumsticks in time for Christmas click Here and you can select from over 40 designs and add your personal message. This is a gift they will never forget!

Black Spider-

personalized drumsticks

American Flag-

personalized drumsticks

Mossy Oak®-

personalized drumsticks

Pink Chevron-

personalized drumsticks

*If you are ordering these and shipping internationally, you need to allow for about a month for delivery. Click here for international details and see #9-10 and then visit the contact page and scroll to the bottom for more shipping details.

Keep Rockin’!

Jeff Jones